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Our Kindergarten program is designed to provide your child with a nurturing and loving start to their educational journey. Our Christian-based curriculum focuses on the cognitive, social, and emotional development of each child in a safe and caring environment. Our experienced and caring teachers facilitate hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities to engage and challenge young learners, while instilling values such as kindness, respect, and responsibility.

Kindergarten Overview

In Kindergarten, we offer an aggressive phonics-based approach to reading that also emphasizes thorough comprehension of the text. Building upon the basics of letters, sounds, and shapes, we seek to instill these skills and prepare them to enter elementary more prepared than traditional Kindergarten programs.

A time of prayer and Biblical instruction is included in each day’s schedule as well as time for instruction in music and art. We also have a “Let’s Get Fit" time to introduce physical education to both our Preschool and Kindergarten students.

Half-Day or Full-Day

The half-day session includes the core Kindergarten program. The full-day session includes the core preschool program, a hot lunch, and a rest time. All of our morning and full-day classes offer an early drop-off time as early as 7 AM at no additional charge.

Entrance Qualification

Children must be completely toilet trained and meet the age requirement below.

Kindergarten: 5 years old by September 1

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Students in Kindergarten are taught a solid phonics-based program and are able to read by the time they leave Kindergarten. We stress not only phonics but also reading comprehension and fluency. The Kindergarten classroom is a literature-rich environment where children have access to literature all day long.

Through journaling, students have opportunities to write creatively and develop their written communication skills. Guidance in writing is clearly given so letter formation can be properly achieved, and phonics concepts are reinforced while students practice their writing.

Math Concepts

Number time in Kindergarten emphasizes basics in counting, number recognition, and number concepts through 100. Children learn basic math facts, money value, telling time, number words, and number sequence. Emphasis is also placed on number writing and the development of algebraic thinking.


Bible truth is foundational to our Kindergarten program. Daily lessons focus on the major Bible characters and stories throughout both the Old and New Testaments. In our teaching, we use these lessons and life-related stories to teach and develop principles by which students should live. Weekly Scripture memory not only instills Biblical truths into young hearts but also trains young minds to memorize early.

Science and Social Studies

Students learn about themselves and the world around them in an exciting science class. Topics include seeds, animals, the seashore, health, weather and the seasons. Hands-on experiments and field trips about these subjects heighten student understanding and help children develop a lifelong love of learning.

In Social Studies, we learn about community helpers and simple safety rules. We also explore the beginnings of American history and children of 10 different countries including numerous basic geographical concepts.

Additional Activities

Other structured activities in our program include:

  • Music instruction
  • Art instruction
  • Teacher-directed activities for the continued development of gross motor skills
  • Indoor and outdoor recess


In addition to participating in two Academy programs throughout the school year, the Kindergarten presents their own program in May: the Kindergarten graduation. This is the culmination of our school year as the students demonstrate the skills they've learned throughout the year. The Kindergarteners produce a childhood literature-based play with drama and singing followed by a presentation showcasing various academic areas. The memorable cap and gown ceremony concludes the graduation as the Kindergarten students receive their diplomas.

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Choosing the perfect Kindergarten for your child is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. We understand that you want to ensure that your child is in a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports his or her growth and development.

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